PTS Datamining – 2/16/2017 to 2/24/2017 (4.1 spoilers!)

Been a while, but the PTS patches over the past few weeks have largely consisted of data updates and asset updates/fixes to the Tartaric Depths raid.  The Feb. 24th PTS update, however, brought forth some new assets! In this update, I cover the PTS updates from Feb. 16th through 24th.

We have Budglings, another new mount, the datamined Tartaric Depths map, and new store icons.  In addition to this, I have all of the Eternal gear stats ready to be shown off, and I’ve even pulled some 4.2 concept art from the Feb. 24th live stream!

Let’s get into it!


  • Tartaric Depths Map
  • Eternal Equipment in-game stats
  • Naturewalker Mount
  • Budgling pets
  • New store icons
  • 4.2 Concept Art

Tartaric Depths Map

Full sized and cropped.  Pick your poison!

Eternal Equipment in-game stats

Between previewing the upgrades for the Eternal Weapons on PTS, and what was shown off on the February 24th live stream, I now have the in-game stats for every eternal weapon (as of February 24th anyway.)  Thank you Boase and Dunkel for putting together the eternal weapons from the quest!





Naturewalker Mount

Archonix called this “Moosdantix”, and while this mount is definitely based on the Murdantix model and animations, it’s refered to as a “Nature walker” in the game files.  There are 5 in total.  These match with the 5 icons datamined quite a while ago.

Budgling pets

These were teased on the February 24th live stream, and they can be seen on the official @RiftGame Twitter.  For the sake of completion, here is the datamined model.

New store icons

New store icons have been datamined.  These are interesting, as they hint at Individual Reward Charge bonuses for Patrons, and a strange rainbow arclight rider mount.  Let’s call it the “Boase Rider” for now.  You’re free to think up the consequences of that name.

4.2 Concept Art

Finally, we have some Rift 4.2 concept art taken from the February 24th live stream.  This concept art shows that Crucia and her Storm Legion are blasting off to the Comet of Ahnket, presumably to cause all sorts of trouble in the Northern Tenebrean Schism zone.  Let’s take a look!

That’s all the interesting stuff for today.  here’s hoping more goodies will arrive since the release date for 4.1 was pushed back to March 29th.

Ghar Station, signing off.

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