PTS Datamining – 2/9/2017 (4.1 & 6th anniversary spoilers)

So I missed getting things together for the February 7th PTS patch, but, hey! now is as good a time as ever, huh?  This was a HUGE patch – 1.33GB! The new extraction system, however, paired this down significantly.  Today’s patch brings lots of new models, specifically for Eternal quality Armor, and lots of new Carnival of the Ascended (Rift 6th anniversary) memorabilia.

Let’s take a look!


  • Eternal Armor
  • LFR T1 gear upgrade details
  • New vanity/costume gear
  • New elephant mount
  • New dimension items
  • New dimensions
  • Tenebrean Schism North zone file

Eternal Armor

There are a total of 9 pieces of eternal armor, 2 per armor type, except for Leather which has 3 pieces.  Most likely, there is a unique piece for Rogue and a unique piece for Primalist, with a shared piece between them.





LFR T1 gear upgrade details

LFR T1 gear is integrated with the new “Active Upgades” system.  LFR Tartaic Depths gear is 275 hit, and a step up from SFP Experts.  All pieces require the following to upgrade:

  1. A crafted Amender
  2. A “Tenebrean Engine” item (most likely a raid drop)
  3. Complete an objective

The objectives for at least the Cleric chain set are as follows (Thank you Boase.  The images to support this are found here).

  • Helm – Defeat Scarn in Intrepid Darkening Deeps 0/10
  • Cape – Defeat Lady Glasya in Intrepid Gyel Fortress 0/10
  • Shoulders – Defeat Beligosh in LFR Tartaric Depths 0/10
  • Chest – Kill Zone Event Colossi 0/30
  • Gloves – Kill Tarjulia in LFR Tartaric Depths 0/10
  • Belt – Close Rifts 0/40
  • Legs – Defeat the Council of Fate in LFR Tartaric Depths 0/10
  • Feet – Close Rifts 0/40
  • One-Hand – Defeat Nathairacha in Expert Tuath’de Coven 0/10
  • Off-Hand (Shield) – Defeat Ananke in Expert Temple of Ananke 0/10
  • Wand – Kill Malannon in LFR Tartaric Depths 0/10
  • Trinket – Defeat Hexathel in the Queen’s Foci 0/10

New vanity/costume gear

Just a few new pieces here.  First we have a “Tasuil” cape , then the “6th anniversary” cape.  new wings, a new corgi head inspired by radar, and a new backpack that is based on Planetouched Wilds.  I imagine all of this will come with the 6th anniversary event.

New elephant mount

2 new “yarnosaur elephant” mounts.  The mounts use the Yarnosaur animations and base shape, but have been retooled into an Elephant appearance.  2 exist, and both appear to be the unique anniversary mount.


New dimension items

Nice new set of dimension items, including 6 new banners, a new parade balloon, and a 6th anniversary cake.  Tasty?

New dimensions

5 new “dimension preview” banners would indicate 5 new dimensions.  And indeed, Tacitus was able to confirm 5 new dimensions:

  1. Alittu
  2. Fortress of the Apocalypse
  3. Wyrd Hut
  4. Saint Taranis
  5. Splinter of Fire (Planar assault IA map)

Here are the banners for each:

Tenebrean Schism North zone file

Finally, just to confirm, the Northern Tenebrean Schism zone IS in development.  The zone detail file has appeared in this patch.  This zone data file is what allowed me to identify “Tartaric Depths” as a potential zone/raid zone back during the Starfall Prophecy beta.

That’s all for today!  Ghar Station, signing off!


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