PTS Datamining – 1/12/2016 to 1/18/2016 (4.1, Summerfest, and Valentine’s Day spoilers!)

Well, finally got through this monster patch, while being sick.  Fun times, let me tell you.  Patches this week, specifically on January 18th, brought the textures to the Mariel-Taun day costumes, and some more effects to the datamined eternal gear.  Let’s get started!Summary:

  • New Baligosh model
  • New “Tenebrean” Colossus
  • 5 new Eternal Weapons
  • 2 new Eternal Shields
  • Summerfest mace & staff
  • New icons (mount + pup)
  • Tok’s themed portrait
  • New dimension items (I have not textured these yet) – ~50 or so new items so far
  • New Mariel-Taun day costume armor
  • New Mariel-Taun day mount

New Baligosh model

Baligosh’s model is finally in!

New “Tenebrean” Colossus

I’m not sure if this is one of the bosses in Tartaric Depths, or if this is a new zone event boss.  Either way, the filename for this one is “tenebrean_colossus”.

5 new Eternal Weapons

New eternal weapons are in! These are in-game wardrobe screenshots to showcase some of the effects.  Shout out to Boase for modeling these for me!

Thanks to Seshatar, we have the viewed info for one of these weapons! Devs love wearing them apparently.

2 new Eternal Shields

2 new Eternal shields, 1 for warriors, one for casters.  Again, thanks to Boase for modeling these for us!

Summerfest mace & staff

Roasted marshmallow mace & Staff for summerfest! rather early for this stuff to arrive, but, enjoy anyway!

New icons (mount + pup)

8 new icons, including  2 mounts, 2 capes, new wings, the new dragon balloon, PUP from Atlas Reactor, and a 6th anniversary cake with… 7 candles?

Tok’s themed portrait

This was supposedly patched live on January 18th, 2017, as a reward for completing the Tok’s Proving grounds dungeon.  For those that haven’t seen it, here is the raw portrait.

New dimension items

I believe I have datamined a set of new Dimension items.  Below is the list of what I have found.  Thank you to the Rift Dimension Skype chat for helping me validate that these aren’t in-game yet!  I have compiled my list of files into a single image.  There are around 50 new dimension items here.

Tenebrean Railing Wall



New Mariel-Taun day costume armor

New costume armor is in!  Check it out!  Supposedly this will be named “Amorous Attire”.

New Mariel-Taun day mount

Finally, we have a new mount for Mariel-Taun day.  This is a reskin of last year’s “Love Buggy”, but where there was pink, there is now gold.

That was a nice dump of new stuff.  Hope you all enjoyed.

Ghar station, signing off!


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