Rift News Tidbits – 1/11/2017

Some interesting stuff this week.  Hotfixes are resuming, there was a successful Fortress Siege live stream last week, several LFR bugs were found and worked on, and best of all, Tartaric Depths is confirmed as the new T1 10-man raid!  Fortress Siege portion of the live stream starts at the 3:25:40 mark on the twitch VOD.  I got to participate, alongside close to 80 other players.

Dev Spotlight

  • While there isn’t an official thread (yet) on the forums for it, the Friday, January 13th, 2017 live stream will be about class balance.  To be clear, Keyens has mentioned in several avenues that this live stream is centered around the idea of “how the sausage is made”.  Don’t expect exact plans for upcoming fixes, and don’t expect a lot of balancing issues to be directly addressed on the stream unless the Rift team says otherwise.
  • Intrepid Gyel Fortress will be the next 5-man released.   Also from this post, we can look forward to a Producer’s letter soon, and the Xarth Mire fortress before the end of January, which I take to mean in the next 2 hotfixes.
  • New DPS balance updates have arrived on PTS.  One pushed on January 5th, and one on January 10th.  Get to PTS, test out what you can, and provide feedback in the official thread!
  • Tartaric Depths confirmed as the T1 10-man raid!  WOO! score one for datamining! We are getting access to an alpha state of encounters for testing of both the encounters and the LFR feature.  The first boss up for testing is Beligosh, though I have been told that the zone art is not yet finalized, and the boss model is currently a placeholder, but his real model with animations should arrive sometime next week.  I look forward to datamining this patch!
  • Fae Yule Snobuild contest winners announced!  Congrats to all that received awards!

Community Spotlight

Trying something new here.  I usually don’t follow too much of the larger community happenings, so, yes, all of these are a bit old.  Hopefully I can start keeping up with things.  If you know something that should be mentioned, or want something posted, contact me on Twitter, the forums, or Discord.


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