Live Datamining – Rift 4.0 Hotfix #6

Hotfix #6 has brought some new pieces to be datamined! Small set of things, including the beginnings of the assets for a new mount, and hints of fortress sieges!  Let’s take a look!

  • New Mount
  • Fortress Siege Icons

New Mount

This new mount will be coming in 2017, though an exact time is not specified.  All I’ve gotten from the devs is that this is new, the art is still being worked on, and it runs on 4-legs.  Speculate as you will! (it is not a dune sand worm!!!)

Fortress Siege Icons

The beta Fortress Siege events did not have much in the way of unique map icons to indicate the state of the event.  Granted, it appeared to have just one wall to burst open.  If these icons are anything to go by, hopefully things have expanded greatly!  Behold, new Fortress Siege map icons!

That is all for this patch.  Bit small, maybe a bit underwhelming, but we are in a slow season for datamining while waiting for more Fortress Siege content to be pushed out, and for the first signs of 4.1 to arrive.

Ghar Station, signing off!

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