Live Datamining – Rift 4.0 Hotfix #4 (Fae Yule spoilers!)

It’s been 2 weeks now since a patch provided some new stuff to datamine.  Finally our prayers have been answered!  Today’s Hotfix #4 brings hints of new Fae Yule gear & dimension items, new Eternal and T1 raid gear, and even a new costume!

Let’s get to it!


  • Fae Yule
    • Fae Yule costume pieces
    • Do you want to build a snowman?
  • New T1 raid gear Icons
  • New Eternal Gear Icons
  • New Costume Icons
  • Tartaric Depths revisited

Fae Yule costume pieces
Two new Fae Yule costume models have been unearthed! New Santa beard (complete with Hat), and new gift ribbon wings.  Models below.

Fae Yule Dimension Items
Can you say… SNOWMAN! New dimension items for snow based building blocks, in addition to snowman arms, eyes, and carrot noses!  Models for all of these were pushed to the live client with 4.0 Hotfix #4, but no textures.  Without those, the models are fairly generic.  Yes, you can now build a custom snowman in your dimension.

New T1 raid gear Icons

More T1 raid gear icons.  This set continues to grow!  This is probably the Leather set.

New Eternal Gear Icons

First off, Gingers happily pointed out several icons that are eternal quality armor that I thought were T1 raid pieces before.  Here they are!

And here are 5 new Eternal weapons: two foci, a staff, a dagger, and a shield.

New Costume Icons

We have 2 new costume sets to show off.  One that is very new looking, and a second that is quite familiar.  This new set is based on the purple jacket gear that an NPC named “Carli” wears in 4.0.  Apparently it will be an actual armor set, and not a costume set.  These icons are for the leather set, so expect a cloth, chain, and plate set themes similarly!

Next, we have the Crucia/Queen Miela armor.  This has been requested before on the forums, but let me say this:  It’s happening.

Tartaric Depths revisited

Finally, I would like to revisit the Tartaric Depths zone datamined back during Beta.  While playing through the Gedlo Badlands zone quests, the Tartaric Depths were mentioned as a place where Maelforge’s brood was imprisoned after the Ascended killed Maelforge in the Infernal Dawn raid.

I datamined the following in one of the world data files back during beta:

Datamining the zone name, plus the following concept art (whose file name is conveniently “Raid Boss Concept 101”, plus this name drop in the lore, only reinforces my idea that Tartaric Depths will be our T1 10-man raid.


Hug him.  If you dare.

That is all for today.  Ghar station, signing off!

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