PTS Datamining – Starfall Prophecy Beta Nov. 10-13 (4.0 Spoilers!)

The march towards launch continues.  Things are steadily being finalized, but apparently Trion can’t help but push out post 4.0 content pieces in the patches, especially over the weekend.  Today – new icons that hint at the general idea of things to come!  In the past, these icons have come before the equipment 3d models and textures.

Let’s Take a look! short post overall today.

New Icons!

This first set resembles the white/gold armor datamined a while ago, but is completely new.  I’m starting to think that this will be the new 403 armor set, specifically for Starfall Prophecy Raid Tier 1.  It definitely appears that there is more than one armor type with this particular styling.

Second actual set is.. Seahorses? We have a shield, sword, bow, staff, and something.


Next we have a set that appears to be something fae-yule ish.  At least I think it’s related.  It might be related to the seahorses though!  Furthermore, do we REALLY want to see a Bahmi wearing those pants?  yes… I guess we do.

To finish off the armor, we have some new planar looking gear.  These look to be Nightmare and Water related.  I wouldn’t be surprised if these are new cosmetic sets, at least 403 and 404.

And at the very end, we have two new creature icons – an Alicorn (corrupted unicorn), and a Sky Whale.  My guess is the Alicorn is a mount, and the Sky Whale is an upcoming Pet.  Let’s all pray that a sky whale companion pet makes the sounds all day long!

That’s all for today! Ghar Station, signing off!


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