PTS Datamining – Starfall Prophecy Beta Nov. 3-9 (4.0 Spoilers!)

Trion has returned to the daily Beta updates.  Many of these updates have been data based in nature, with little new assets.  However, I will cover what little else that is new and unique here today.  That being said, Archy over at the forums has been maintaining ongoing Beta patch notes, you can find them here.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

  • New costume gear!
  • Tok’s Proving Ground Maze Maps!

New costume gear
So I have found 2 new sets of costume/vanity gear.  Set 401 is an interesting set, with a wing motif, almost valykrie-like in its look.

These match up with icons that have been previously datamined.

Next up is set 402.  Which is actually Onir costume armor! Specifically, we get to look like Quitarus.  Interesting!

Similarly, these also match up with previously datamined icons:

It will be interesting to see how we obtain these two costume sets!

Tok’s Proving Ground Maze Maps!
Ok,  I admit, even this is a huge spoiler thing.  I will attempt to give some scroll space before seeing these.  Ready? go!


Still There?


























Ok, here we go.

Tok’s proving ground has 4 mazes and 3 “traditional” puzzles in it, for a grand total of 7 puzzles to solve before unlocking the meta puzzle.  The icons from the previous datamining article all relate to the various meta puzzle materials needed to craft the puzzle armor.

Here are 3 of maze maps, in no particular order.  The first maze is not here, because it’s just a grid of constantly changing walls.  Expect guides to detail that one!

Finally, we have the Clockwork Lifter mount.  You can see screenshots of it in action on the forums here!

That’s all for today.  A lot of stuff right now is finalizing the expansion content in preparation for launch on the 16th.  Here’s hoping it all goes well for the Rift team!

Ghar Station, signing off!

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