PTS Datamining – Starfall Prophecy Beta & Live Nov. 1, 2. (Fae Yule Spoilers!)

It has been a while since we got a Starfall Prophecy beta update.  November 1st and 2nd have been the latest updates since October 26th.  The Rift team is hard at work on getting this expansion through, and alot has been fixed, improved, and implemented over the long wait.

That being said, both updates to the PTS and Hotfix #20 to live have introduced plenty to datamine.  Let’s dig in!

NOTE! Fae Yule spoilers are within! They’re developing assets and pushing them to PTS and live alongside the expansion.  When I say busy, I MEAN BUSY!


  • Simon’s Playground Costume gear
  • Fae Yule weapons
  • New foothold map icons
  • Frog mount! (it’s only a model. *shh!*)
  • New graphics banner
  • Bolts, key, and thread?
  • Misc Zone Geometry

Simon’s Playground Costume gear
Simon’s Playground is the new super secret puzzle dungeon that replaces the open world puzzles for Starfall Prophecy.  One of the rewards is a set of gear, known as set #405 in the files.  This set does have 5 varieties, A through E, but the models are all the same, despite requiring different textures.  Textures and icons for this set have not made it to the PTS yet, BUT the models have!

Fae Yule weapons
Fae Yule icons have slowly crept into both PTS and Live over the past 2 months, but finally the new models and textures have arrived.  Behold the new Fae Yule weapons, in all their Jingle Bell glory!

New foothold map icons
New footold map icons for the Celestial Lands.  Not quite sure what these will be used for quite yet, but they might be related to onslaughts and the Tenebreans.

Frog mount
This has long been talked about in hushed tones throughout some live streams.  Today, the Frog Mount rears its head!  This was datamined back on October 25th, but I wanted to take some time to confirm that it wasn’t some rare reward in the game already.
He presumably shares animations, and is based on, the Cappie mouse mounts that were available back in February/March 2016.

In addition to this, there is a new model of the Starfall Prophecy Deluxe pre-order mount with texture info indicating that there will be a black version of it.

New banner
A new graphics banner appeared in today’s update.  Curious what it is for, as I can’t find it in-game at the moment.

Bolts, key, and thread?
Finally, there are some rather unique icons that were pushed to Live with hotfix #20.  These could be Fae Yule related, possibly for a new quest of some sorts.  Speculate!

Misc Zone Geometry
Finally… I’m going to let you people be cheating cheaters.  Map of the Simon’s Playground first puzzle maze? Got you covered (spoilers)!

Well, that’s all the major highlights for today.  There are some assets related to a “Bloodfire Shrine” in the recent updates, which relates to the Ashenfell storyline.  However, there is already a “Bloodfire Stronghold” zone in-game since Storm Legion, and these assets could be used in the Fortress of the Apocalypse fortress siege zone.  If I can confirm that they are not there, I will post more, but here’s one model we’ve found:

That’s all for today.  Please join us in Ghar Station discord channel – – and follow us on Twitter – @TheGharStation – for the latest in datamining!

Ghar Station, signing off!



  • The bolts, key and thread are all related to the puzzle dungeon and crafting those outfits. They’re on the rep guy in Allitu. Much of this was on the last livestream on Friday. Good work on finding it before they put it out.

  • The new banner graphic was for the Individual Rewards UI.

  • Also we looked up that frog mount and it was a super super old experiment, don’t expect to see it live.

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