PTS Datamining – Starfall Prophecy Beta Oct. 26th update

This was a nice large ~500MB update to the PTS this afternoon, introducing the assets and zone file definitions for Fortress Sieges!  There isn’t a whole lot of visual stuff to go over here, but let’s jump in, shall we?  (If you answered “NO!!!” to that question… tough, continue reading).


  • Fortress Siege Sliver Maps!
  • New armor icons!
  • New Fae Yule icons!

Fortress Siege Sliver Maps
As expected, there are 4 fortress siege sliver zones.  The idea with these is that at the end of a Fortress Siege zone event, a portal will open up that will allow a 10-man raid to face a boss encounter.  These encounters will take place in private versions of the main zones, which are referred to as slivers in the game data.

New armor icons

These appear to match up with the “403” weapon set, with dark golden colors and blue hints similar to Ahnket herself.  I wonder if this armor set will also grow and “erupt” with power in a similar fashion.  Only time will tell.

Moar Fae Yule (CHEERS!)

4 new fae yule icons.  No new assets so far though.  Anyone want to kiss the Christmas baby greenscale dragon? Not me… please not me…

All for today!  Future Beta datamining will focus on new updates pushed out daily if there are any new assets within them.

Ghar Station, signing off!

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