PTS Datamining – Starfall Prophecy part 5 (4.0 SPOILERS)

Twas was the night before Beta, and all through the realm,
all the players were stirring, yes even the mounts.
The interest was high about the comet in space,
with hope that Ahnket, our presence would grace.

The ascended were anxious, all smug in their head,
while visions of fragments filled them with much dread.
Little do they know, what menace they will see
a Tenebrean landscape, theirs to slaughter, with glee!

Right… Datamining…
So, got 2 things tonight! What I believe are Eternal quality weapons, and a nice dump of Armor icons!

Let’s get into it, shall we?

  • Eternal weapons
  • Armor Icons
  • Misc Icons

Eternal Weapons
Ok, so, there are a set of weapons that are part of set #406 that do NOT relate to each other in any way.  Normally a set of equipment is related, usually by theme.  For example, 402 is Fire themed, 403 is the interesting evolving glowing weapons, but 404 and 405 are curiously absent right now.  However, set 406 is unique in this regard.  Let me show you what I mean.

Fire themed set #403 weapons:

Unthemed set #406 weapons:

See what I mean? I can only conclude that these are most likely eternal quality weapons.

Armor Icons
This is going to be like the texture dump, and I’m just going to present a huge amount of armor icons I was able to dig up.  Some of these have been pushed to PTS as late as September, but now that we have models, I’m able to confirm that these are for Starfall Prophecy.

Misc Icons
Finally we have some other random misc icons I’ve dug up.  The bow is from equipment set #403.  in addition, we have new cloth like materials, and what looks like weird mushrooms and 2 pedestal lantern things.  It will be interesting to see what they are used for come beta!

That’s all for the Beta-eve post.  Have fun out there, and stay safe!

Ghar Station, signing off!

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