PTS Datamining – Starfall Prophecy part 2 (4.0 SPOILERS)

Whew.  3GB of patched assets is a lot to go through.  Fortunately, most of the new game content for Starfall Prophecy was in well spelled out locations.  Today’s datamining report is going to focus on new instance maps, various zone buildings, critters, and a demo of skinned weapons!

With 1,137 new models and over 1,000 new textures, there is a lot to pour over.


  • Starfall Prophecy
    • Instance Maps
    • Zone Buildings
    • Critters
    • Skinned weapon sample

Instance Maps
We know for sure of two new dungeons – Tuath’de Coven, and the Temple of Ananke.  We also know that completion of the fortress sieges leads into an instanced battle against the event boss.  I’m confident we have maps for everything here!


Temple of Ananke


Tuath’de Coven OR The Green Mother’s Lair


Fortress of the Apocalypse Fortress Siege Zone


Xarth’s Skull Fortress Siege Zone

Zone Buildings
The 6 new overland zones for Starfall Prophecy all have a unique aesthetic to them.  Lots of new buildings are being introduced, some that have been seen, and others that haven’t.  We hope we captured a good mix of both below!

Scatherran Forest
No place in particular for these, but a sample of the Felibocan housing, and a Tuath’de witch hut.

Gedlo Badlands
Model of the Taranis Skull, where the Kobolds of Saint Taranis go.

Xarth Mire
Xarth Skull Fortress assets

First up, Fortress of the Apocalypse

Temple of Ananke

Ashenfell Wall

We don’t quite have names for places in Alittu.  However, we got buildings!

Telescope Building – The files for this one reference a Tenebrean Telescope.  Interesting!

This one appears to be a more mundane building.  I’m sure we’ll go in it for various quests.

Comet Center

Various Doodads
Life, Fire, and Tenebrean cannons respectively.  For onslaughts perhaps?

Unknown Interior Zone
These don’t really seem to match up with any known zone.  Perhaps they’re interiors for the siege zones, or perhaps they’re related to Simon’s Playground.  If these are siege interiors, that would invalidate the zone maps I showed off above.  Hard to tell without more exact names!

Don’t we all love killing critters?  Those snake tears were hard to find during the few months after launch.  We have at least 3… uh… 4? more.

That’s a Salamander (in both Red and Blue varieties!), Hedgehog, and Crane.  Uh… we did say 4 right?  This is the first model we were able to texture properly.  And… it’s Rask from Atlas Reactor.  Why this was pushed to PTS in the Starfall Prophecy assets is anyone’s guess.


Weapon Preview
With the ability to texture models now, we can actually see how new pieces of equipment will look.  We took the time to texture one of the new 2H mace models.  Clerics rejoice, Trion is not removing the class! (that’s the joke…)

That’s all for now!  There is a lot of new equipment, at least 3 new unique models for weapons (I count the upgraded gear like the one shown above as 1 model set), and at least 1-2 new unique equipment skin textures.

Ghar Station, signing off!

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