PTS & Live Datamining – October 12th – 4.0 and Extra Life spoilers

Well, with PTS effectively closed, and unable to patch due an error most likely related to downloading internal map assets for Starfall Prophecy, we decided to take a look at what was pushed live in the latest hotfix.


  • Extra Life: New stuffs!
  • Starfall Prophecy: New stuffs! Well.. sorta.

Extra Life

Extra life is less than a month away, and Trion has teased that there will be new rewards this year.  What they are is still unknown, but we DO know from some datamining, and the confirmation of Gingers, that there is a new fairy reward of some sort.  I believe she is referring to the following.


Note the dice in the wand.

This was pushed to live with the recent Hotfix #16.  The hairstyle definitely matches the icon, so I’m positive that this is a new pet or a pet skin that will be given out during Extra Life.

In addition to this, we’ve found a few icons that are dice themed.  It does not appear that these are available in-game.

dice_icon extralife_d4 extralife_d6 extralife_d8 extralife_d12 extralife_d20 extralife_dice

Full set of tabletop roleplaying dice.  Woo!  No sign of the models to go along with these though.

Starfall Prophecy

So, I was strolling through the files today.  In the merry merry month of October.  I was taken by surprise, by… wait a second…
rift_sfp_login_maybe.pngWhat.  Zoom! Enhance!
WHAT!? Shadowlands! login_03_sl_terrain (ShadowLands Terrain)!

Is this the new login for Starfall Prophecy, but with assets based on the Shadowlands?  This is interesting.  Expansions in the Rift assets are usually labeled as 1 for Storm Legion, and 2 for Nightmare Tide, so a 3 can only be related to Starfall Prophecy.

So Diffuse is clearly the terrain texture.  Normal name is the normal map to apply, while Specular name is the specular map to apply.

This is interesting.  Could portions of the Starfall Prophecy content be rehashed from the old Shadowlands alpha zone?  Could the Shadowlands actually be used in Starfall Prophecy?  Either way, it appears that geometry for the new login has been patched to Live.

The PTS patches didn’t reveal anything new.  Though curiously, PTS patching tonight fails, most likely due to failing to download the following asset: map_ep3_core_0.pak.lzma2.  If they are still pushing patches to a closed down PTS, there might be some more interesting datamining to be had yet!

That’s all for today.  Interesting look into where some pieces of Starfall Prophecy might be based on.

Ghar Station, signing off!


  • Hey, posted on the forums too, but the PTS download is working now. It’s 3.17gb so that should give you some juicy stuff to look at! 😀

  • Awesome find! That fairy definitely looks like Extra Life-related. As you mentioned, Extra Life’s promo images includes two dice. That said, the black-and-blue futuristic-looking dice are more likely to be upgrade components, new essences or perhaps related to Simon’s Playground.

    As for the shadowlands, the assets from there are used in a variety of places, including the Storm Legion zones. It’s unlikely to be anything you’ll even notice.

    Just thought I’d pop in to say awesome work! Loving all the new stuff being posted! 😀

    • Simon’s Playground items actually sounds reasonable. While the icons are pushed to live, I was unable to find the models that fit with them until I started looking through the 4.0 PTS patch data.

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