PTS Closed – Starfall Prophecy beta delayed until the week of October 17th.

EDIT: The original post claimed beta would start on the 17th, instead it’s the WEEK OF the 17th.  Our bad!  Post has been updated to reflect this.

From Ocho on the forums (You can read it directly here):
“Hey folks:

In order to ensure the best RIFT expansion testing experience, we have decided to delay the start of Starfall Prophacy Beta until the week of October 17th. We will keep you posted, and in the meantime, we are closing access to the PTS shard to allow us to update and polish the Beta build for you! We are all anxious to welcome you to Starfall Prophecy! ”

With PTS closed, chances are high that there won’t be updates pushed, and therefore nothing to datamine until they reopen it with the updated 64 bit client and launch the beta.  Giving extra time to shine the beta and 64 bit client should be worth the minimum 4 day delay.

I can also imagine launching beta earlier in a week will give them more time to fix any immediate issues that will appear.

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