PTS Datamining – October 6th Addendum

So there were some things that were missed during the previous datamining article.  Hopefully this catches up to the remaining revelations of the October 6th PTS hotfix.


  • Autumn Harvest: Achievements and a new trophy model
  • Rift Store: Clarification on new Store backgrounds
  • A Wild Dev Appears!  Gingers has provided details for some of the datamining!
  • Concept Art: Previously datamined, and provided by Trauumhaft!

Autumn Harvest

First up are the new 2016 achievements! Two reward titles, while Grim and Ghastly rewards a new costume helm for obtaining the rest of the new appearance gear.2016-10-08_0808202016-10-08_0808252016-10-08_080842


Defiant Mind Shield

We have also found a new trophy model.  This looks like a dimension item.  We withheld this from the original October 6th post because we weren’t sure if it was in live or not.  Currently, it appears to be completely new.  Another shoutout to Trauumhaft and Hepatitis@Greybriar for helping to find and confirm this.

trophydragonRift Store Update

We had a chance to look into the datamined Starfall Prophecy Rift Store pics further, and found out that two of them have already been made available as part of the Rift addon assets.  The currently available Rift store backgrounds can be found here.

Thus, the only 2 new ones are as follows:

 00000018 00000019

A Wild Dev Appears! 

Gingers has provided details for some of the datamining regarding some of the recent icons.  Of the following, she had this to say: “Yes the fairy and halo are for Extra Life (you’ll see official announcements on rewards soon), the wings are planned for Fae Yule.”  I’m sure many players will enjoy a new set of Fae yule wings with a bow in them!

wing_icon fairy_icon halo_icon

Concept Art
We have some Starfall Prophecy concept art that was previously datamined, and provided by Trauumhaft!  One of these has been used as a rift store background, though now at a higher resolution.  Enjoy!


That’s enough of an update for today! The 64 bit client patch did not contain anything new, unfortunately.

Ghar Station, signing off!

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