PTS Datamining – October 6th – Autumn Harvest Spoilers!

Another day, another PTS patch? well, 2 in one week! shiny!

Let’s explore, shall we.


  • Autumn Harvest: Dimension assets!
  • Rift Store: New Starfall Prophecy store background
  • Misc Icons: A few random icons

Autumn Harvest

A wild Dimension Test Vendor has appeared on the PTS:


Isn’t he cute? give him a hug!

New Bronze Tomb dimension, as well as several other new dimension goodies.  I can only assume these will go live with Autumn Harvest.


Shown: Brevane Scarecrow.  Also, corn maze + bronze tomb has to happen people!

Rift Store

New Starfall Prophecy store backgrounds.  Take a look!

Misc Icons

wing_icon fairy_icon halo_icon

Wings, a fairy, and a halo.  Extra Life goodies?

Aside from these, the majority of the patch’s size was taken up by .waaw files, which contain various animations.  Unfortunately, we do not have a good way to view these at this time.

Ghar station, signing off!


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