PTS Datamining – Sept. 1st, 9th, 13th, and Oct. 4th. – 4.0 Spoilers!

A long time ago (last February), in a website far far away (… ah to hell with the intro.  This is a datamining article, not some Senior-level dissertation.

So, datamining has not had much of a public or fan site presence in a long time.  Today, we break the silence, revealing the latest from Rift’s PTS.  These datamined files are from the September 1st, 9th, and 13th, and October 4th PTS patches.

Remember that datamined files are not final, and often contain spoilers for future content.   Reader beware!


  • New Costumes: Autumn Harvest, wings
  • Extra Life: New banners? My lack of dimension experience says “YES!”
  • 3D Models: Fyragnos Wings
  • Starfall Prophecy: Material and new item icons.

Autumn Harvest Wardrobe

In these patches, there are some… interesting new skins for the Doctor’s without borders costume gear.  They are a little more gruesome.  If you ask me, it would be a bit poor taste to make these part of a Doctor’s without Borders promotion.  Given that, I believe these will be some bloody scrubs outfits for this years’ Autumn Harvest event.

Those blood smears are gruesome.  If this isn’t a Halloween costume this year, then Regulos himself is having a very VERY good laugh.

Other wardrobe skins

A set of torn and shredded wings has been found, complete with a model to accompany it. The model matches that of Fyragnos, the boss from the Comet of Ahnket raid.


Extra Life banners

I’m not a huge dimensioneer, but these extra life texture files look more like banners than capes.  Though the 2nd one could probably be a cape here.

Starfall Prophecy

With Starfall Prophecy around the corner, there has been speculation about when pieces of it would start being pushed to the PTS.  Well, look no further, as icons for mats, various items, and the level 70 achievement have definitely appeared.

The interesting thing is that there appear to be 3 stages to the materials – a raw form, a runed raw form, and a processed form.

To see what I mean, here are two examples showing off the Leather and Cloth mats:


0000005dout 0000001dout 0000001bout


00000033out 00000019out 00000030out

This process does not appear to match the ore materials or the new crystal:


00000061out 0000002eout 0000002dout 0000002fout



Did I mention we also have what looks like new Foraging items?
00000060out 0000005eout 0000001fout

Other Icons found include new potions, some new rune-ish item, new planar essence, and a weird egg thing found


0000005fout 00000062out

New Tier 8 Planar Dust


These are interesting icons.  An egg and a mechanical heart?  Definitely items.

00000027out mechanical_icon

New upgrade parts? I’m not certain about the small slabs, but the larger device could be a new accelerator.

ahnket_like_pieces strange_item

Rune items.  I suspect these rune items MIGHT have something to do with the rune-inscribed raw materials for leather and cloth shown above.  They do not resemble any of the actual equipment runes in game.  Let the speculation commence!

00000008out 0000000cout

Last, but certainly not least, the level 70 achievement icon:


That about wraps it up for the notable files in these patches.  It looks like Starfall Prophecy content is slowly making its way onto the PTS, most likely to gear up for a closed beta test here in the near future.  It will be interesting to see what changes are coming to crafting, especially in light of the normal and runed material icons datamined here today.

Ghar station, signing off! 5 7 1 3 4 3 2 9

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