The Ghar Station Patreon is Live!

The Ghar Station Patreon page is live!  If you would like to show your support beyond sharing the site, and participating in our Discord, then please consider become a patron!  We have a unique channel in our discord for all patrons.  Link below, and in the site’s sidebar. Check it out here: Thank you to everyone for your support!  

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Rift Gamescom 2018 Report

Another year, another Gamescom with Trion Worlds in attendance.  This year, we only have one report to deliver. Thanks to Keepro and Soulghost, I have received a huge list of notes taken from interviewing Amary and Salvatrix at Gamescom 2018 in Germany.  What follows is a summary of what they discussed from the notes both of them have taken.

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