Rift 4.2: Celestial Storm is here! 4 new primalist souls, the new Vostigar Peaks zone, and Tartaric Depths normal mode all open up today. Summerfest starts Friday, July 21st. On top of this, artifact minion missions have been reworked, the Gedlo badlands IAs are now available, among a balance pass.  Patch notes below.

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4.2 Quickstart Guide

4.2 arrives on July 20th, bringing with it the new Vostigar Peaks zone, a new story questline, new story 1-man sliver, 3 new raid rifts, and Normal mode Tartaric Depths.  There’s several new gearing systems in place, and a few new things to work towards to help you gear up for higher tier raiding. This Quickstart guide is meant to […]

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